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In 2009, Watchdog Productions will have a new look and will give UNC Asheville fans unprecidented access to Bulldog athletics. As you know, all live events will be video streamed through the Big South's website at The Watchdog will suppliment the live video by giving fans access to coaches and players that cannot be found anywhere else on the web. All for FREE!

Thoughout the season, will have interviews, highlights, shows, and features that can only be found right here. At the top of this page, you will find three shows that were produced by Watchdog Productions that aired on Asheville Educational Television last year. Although the videos are dated, they give you an opportunity to see the types of programs that can be seen online this season. 

Check back here as videos will be posted as the become available. Videos can also be found on indiviual sport pages throughout the website. So sit back and enjoy and new season of UNC Asheville Athletics courtsey of the Watchdog.

Go Dogs!!! 




Golf Save the Date
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