ASHEVILLE, N.C. - The UNC Asheville baseball team held its annual Alumni Day on Saturday and close to 30 former Bulldogs showed up to spend the day.


Current major leaguer Ty Wigginton was on hand along with Kevin Mattison who earned some playing time with the Florida Marlins this year.


"We just had a great day," commented Bulldog coach head coach Tom Smith. "It was great seeing so many of our former players come back. We get a little bigger and better each year, and we're going do everything we can to keep building this event."


The day began when the former players met up and played Home Run Derby. Everyone could still hit the ball a long way.


The alumni then divided into teams and played a game. Afterwards, Coach Smith brought the alumni into the new and improved dressing room the Bulldogs are using this year inside Justice Center.


"I'm really proud of our new dressing room," declared Smith. "We really enjoyed showing that off this weekend.


"I'm grateful to our alumni supporting this event," added Smith. "We're trying to build on what they accomplished when they were here playing."