Editors Note: With the 2012-13 school year behind us, UNC Asheville's student-athletes will be providing us write-ups to allow everyone to get to know them a little better. Today we meet senior volleyball player Rachel Wells.



Rachel Wells is a rising senior on the women’s Volleyball Team at UNC Asheville. Being the defensive specialist of the team, she can be seen throwing her body around the gym floor and digging out the opposing team’s hits. It’s quite obvious that she aggravates her opponents due to her athletic ability and nimble speed. Anticipating graduating in May of 2014, she is a Health and Wellness major with a K-12 health and physical education teaching license.



Outside of the volleyball court, Rachel is an active member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. She’s also the volleyball coach at the Biltmore Volleyball Academy in Asheville. Off campus, she loves volunteering for “Healthy Kids Day”, Eliada Homes, and ABIPA, as well as tutoring at local schools.



This summer, she plans on being a substitute teacher, working volleyball camps, and taking summer classes in July. After college, she dreams of teaching and coaching volleyball in high school. She chose UNC Asheville because it is a very fun town with a great atmosphere for an excellent university. One fact about Rachel that most people don’t know is that she was in marching band in high school. She is an example of how UNC Asheville student-athletes can successfully manage their time.