Editor's Note: Throughout the year, sophomore men's basketball player Keith Hornsby will be providing a blog about the Bulldog basketball team. Keith did one of these when he was in high school at Oak Hill Academy. We hope all Bulldog fans will injoin his insight into this year's team.  This is Keith's third blog as the Bulldogs get ready for the 2012-13 season




          "It's been a while since my last entry, and a lot of hours in the gym have passed since my last entry. After fall break, we started official practice. We have been doing this since October 12, which means we have had plenty of time to put in a truckload of new things to help us be as successful as we can be. The first week of practice seemed like it lasted forever. The first Saturday, we had a two-a-day, which meant we practiced for two hours in the morning and two and a half in the afternoon. We practice two and a half to three hours almost every day. At first, these practices seemed long and exhausting, but now they feel normal. In this time period, it is vital for us to put in as much work as possible. This includes everything from further increasing your shape and bettering your overall game to running plays until there are ruts in the floor, all while improving understanding of the system. The amount of focused effort we can get out of this span of practice can determine how ready we are when the games start.


            The day after our scrimmage, we (the team) had to dress up in costumes and manage a team station at Boofest, which is an event where little kids can come to Kimmel Arena, participate in fun little games, meet UNC Asheville student-athletes, and chomp on some delicious candy.


            We have our first regular-season game on Friday against Western Carolina. We have been practicing very hard for a little over three weeks straight, so I think I speak for all of my teammates when I say I can't wait to play some games. Our practices have been great, and this gives me great confidence coming into the games. Let's do it, Bulldogs!! Let our hard work come to life!"