Editor's Note: Throughout the year, sophomore men's basketball player Keith Hornsby will be providing a blog about the Bulldog basketball team. This is his fourth one about the ups-and-down of the early part of the season.


Growing Pains
by Keith Hornsby


We've had a tough stretch here since our first victory against Western Carolina, but this is one of those situations where we must conquer the adversity through positive learning experiences. Everybody knows we have a young team, but I feel our record doesn't show how good we really are. We just have to smooth the edges and improve upon some of our weaknesses. 


Puerto Rico was a valuable experience for us. We played three really good teams, and in my opinion, should have definitely won two out of our three games down there. This leads me to one of the most important things we must learn to do, and that is to close out games. Several times this year, we have been in the position to win games, but falter down the stretch with our decision-making. We just have to be smarter, and that will flower through further experience. I'm sick of winning the whole game and losing in the end. We aim to change that immediately.



I'm very optimistic along with the coaches about the rest of the year to come. We have shown signs of brilliance, but just need to bring it all together at the right times. When we get rolling, we are a true force to be reckoned with.


We do miss one of our brothers in arms, and that's Jaron Lane. There are times on the court where I see Jaron cutting to the basket, but alas, it's an apparition! It must be something I've dreamed. Jaron is much missed; his joie de vivre and court savvy are irreplaceable.


Jeremy Atkinson is playing well with great consistency, and if we can all come up to that level of consistent performance, then we will truly turn some heads. Although this year so far has been a little tough, we know where we are and what we have to improve on. This is a young team, but we have all the tools we need for the ultimate success, and every day I feel we're improving.