Editor's Note: Throughout the year, sophomore men's basketball player Keith Hornsby will be providing a blog about the Bulldog basketball team. Keith did one of these when he was in high school at Oak Hill Academy. We hope all Bulldog fans will injoin his insight into this year's team.  This is Keith's second blog as the Bulldogs get ready for the 2012-13 season


            "It seems time has flown by, and that is probably because it has been a good couple of weeks. We have been very busy, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that's a good thing. Everybody should be entering a nice routine as far as academics and basketball goes. Getting accustomed to your schedule can be very difficult, but I think everyone is feeling much more comfortable around school. 


            We have started our one-hour practices. NCAA rules state that we can only have two hours a week on the court with our coaches involved. We have taken advantage of those two hours with two one-hour practices a week. People may think that one-hour practices are easy due to the short amount of time, but boy are they fooling themselves. We have gotten so much productive work done during our hour practices, that we have become a better team since we started them. Putting in plays and understanding the offense and defensive principles has been just a few of the several key focal points during the practices. We take advantage of every minute we have towards getting better as a team, and I'm more than pleased at how hard we've worked. After every practice, we have sprints to complete. I must say if your legs don't burn after completing those sprints, then you probably aren't a human being. Even if you're painfully tired, there is something beautiful about working as hard as you can with your teammates and good friends right by your side (even if your legs are on fire). You can literally feel the progress, and it is something to be proud of. Even though we have improved, we still have a lot of work to do, and everyone knows that. As time progresses, I feel with our talent and mindsets towards getting better that there is no way we can't go anywhere but up if we stay focused. This makes me very motivated.


            We just had fall break and the combination between working hard almost every day in the weight room and on the court has made us tired and in need of a small break. Even though we had a few days off, we can't lose our focus. Practice begins Friday, and we need everybody as healthy as they can be to get the most productivity out of each minute we have on the court. The fire is burning inside me right now, and I feel most of my teammates feel the same. We have a long road ahead of us, but every single practice is another chance to improve. What makes me grin uncontrollably is the fact that I know my teammates know that.


             Thank you for reading. I'll be back in a couple of weeks."