Editors Note: UNC Asheville head women's soccer coach Michelle Demko is assisting the U-23 National team in Spain for the next few weeks. She will be blogging about her experience as an assistant coach with the team. This is her fourth blog after Team U.S.A.'s game vs. Sweden



"We beat Sweden today 6-0.  The first goal came 1 minute 15 seconds into the match.  We came out and jumped all over the Swedes.  It was fun to be a part of and feel how much dominance we had today.  We passed the ball well; we tackled hard, got numbers in the box..Simply put, we had the presence of the United States today.  After the game those who did not play, played 4x4 to keep their touches and fitness sharp so they can be ready in case they are called upon for our next game.  It was a great day for a game.  The sun was out and scoring six goals can add to that happiness!


We play England next.  The winner of that game goes home the winner of the For Nations Tournament.  It will be a great match up, as we play similar styles.  As a staff, we had two games to scout England.  We will put together a scouting report and present it to the players.  They will get their assignments on set pieces; we will talk to them about their attacking and defending tendencies...basically, make sure there are no surprises for our players with regard to how England will play.


I am off to dinner now followed by a team meeting.  The food is unbelievable here.  Fresh seafood every lunch and dinner.  Love it!  The only problem...climbing the 101 stairs each way to get to every meal!!!  More after the England game"