UNC Asheville Athletic Scholarship Endowment Program


"Invest in the future of the Bulldogs"


A Gift Agreement form for establishing a UNC Asheville Athletic Scholarship Endowment is attached.


Establishing athletic scholarship endowments to underwrite the costs of tuition, room, board, books, fees, and other academic support services for all 15 NCAA I sports at UNC Asheville is our "Investment Plan for Future Bulldogs" and a top priority for our athletics department. Scholarship expenses are not optional and continue to rise on an annual basis.


In 2013-14 UNC Asheville had a total of 82 full-equivalent athletic scholarships for our 15 intercollegiate athletic teams and over 200 student-athletes. This number is far below the 132.7 full scholarships the NCAA permits us to offer our student-athletes. Endowments are becoming a key source of funding for our athletic program to insure that we can continue to offer educational opportunities to highly motivated and skilled student-athletes.


Opportunities exist to establish a permanently named endowment that will perpetually benefit student-athletes at UNC Asheville. An endowment fund is subject to a requirment that the principal be maintained intact and invested to create a source of revenue to fund athletic scholarships. Donors can choose to make an invesmtent from various options: cash, check, credit card, electronic funds transfers, payroll deductions, pledge, matching gifts,stocks and/or planned gifts. Investments can be made as a one-time contribution or may be made over a three-year pledge period.


Athletic Scholarship Endowments can be named in honor or memory of an individual with an initial gift and/or pledge of at least $25,000. Payment terms are flexible. Investments of any amount are welcome for new or currently established endowments.


Presently, we have 14 Athletic Scholarship Endowments that provide financial assistance to UNC Asheville student-athletes. These include:


Ruth & Luther Barnhardt Scholarship Fund


Robert Hartman Athletic Scholarship

Dave Hart Athletic Scholarship

Eddie Biedenbach Athletic Scholarship

Samuel J. Millar Athletic Scholarship

Willie and Carlene Locke Athletic Scholarship

Charlie "Choo-Choo" and Sarah Justice Athletic Scholarship

Lt. Colonel Cecil C. and Lois H. Hutchins Athletic Scholarship

Ralph F. Hooker Athletic Scholarship

Arthur P. Foley/Foley Family Athletic Scholarship


Wilma Sherrill Scholarship Endowment


JW and Darlene Davis Scholarship


Joyce & Bruce Goforth Endowed Athletic Scholarship


The Marcey R. Kattermann Athletics Endowed Scholarship


If you are interested in establishing an endowment or want to learn more about the UNC Asheville Athletic Scholarship Endowment Program, please contact: Janet R. Cone, Director of Athletics at 828-251-6922 or via email at jcone@unca.edu or Kelly Schukart, GM for Athletics Advancement at 828-251-6905 or via email at kschukar@unca.edu.


For Information about the Bulldog Athletic Association (BAA)

Kelly Schukart
Office: (828) 251-6905
Email: kschukar@unca.edu


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