Editors Note: With the 2013-14 school year behind us, UNC Asheville's student-athletes will be providing us write-ups to allow everyone to get to know them a little better. Today we meet women's swimmer, Galen Broido.    



          Galen Broido is a rising junior on the UNC Asheville women’s swim team. Pursuing a degree in Management with a concentration in Marketing, Galen plans to graduate in May of 2016. Specializing in long distance swimming events, she will be a huge benefactor in the swim team’s success this upcoming year. Hoping to one day work for the marketing department for a business, she has a passion for sustainability and the conservation of the environment.


            Galen joined the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee her freshman year because she wanted to discover new ways to be involved, while meeting other student-athletes on campus. Elected as SAAC Secretary as a sophomore, she has really enjoyed helping the leadership aspect of the committee, strongly contributing to all event-planning and organizing. She’s looking forward to helping SAAC meetings continue to improve throughout the rest of her college career. Next year, she would love for SAAC to become more involved with sport teams at local schools. In addition to that, she believes that winning the Homecoming Competition is a priority, as this was her favorite SAAC memory from the past two years.


            This summer, Galen will be training and competing with the University of Vermont swim team. In addition, she will be racing in a few open water races, while coaching various swim team clinics with the head coach at UVM. She also hopes to get out and positively affect her community. Volunteering has always been important to her, as she has taught swim lessons to local kids at the YMCA. In high school, Galen was also a Special Olympics coach. Hoping to work with this organization again, she wants to help organize more external volunteering events for the upcoming year.


            Galen decided to come to UNC Asheville for countless reasons, with the main being that she wanted to become part of the first freshman class of swimmers to be recruited at Asheville. She wanted to be somewhere new and different than where she had grown up; being able to experience living in another part of the country while still living in the mountains was also a huge benefit of coming to UNC Asheville.


           UNC Asheville is proud to call Galen a Bulldog. Don’t miss the opportunity to “catch” Galen swimming like a “fish” at the Justice Center pool this upcoming fall, winter, and spring!