Editors Note: With the 2012-13 school year behind us, UNC Asheville's student-athletes will be providing us write-ups to allow everyone to get to know them a little better. Today we meet women's tennis player Amryn Soldier.


Amryn Soldier is a rising junior on the Women’s Tennis team at UNC Asheville. The Georgia native plans to graduate in 2015 with a degree in BFA Photography in hopes of becoming the primary photographer for a non-profit organization some day.


Off the tennis court, she is an active member in the Student Athlete Advisory Committee and Bulldog Nation. It’s quite obvious that she cares a lot about UNC Asheville and its overall school spirit. She has also volunteered as a photographer at Imagination Revolution and at AAIMS Montessori School as a teacher and part-time art decorator.


Amryn has a very busy summer planned, having two jobs in the midst of training for next year’s tennis season. She is an intern for Mary Buck at Lightscapes Photographic Artwork in Duluth, Georgia, as well as an Assistant Tennis Coach with Billy Garrett at Dynamic Tennis Academy.


She chose UNC Asheville because of its accepting atmosphere and the extremely qualified and helpful coaching staff. After college, she would love to stay near Asheville or Duluth, Georgia and work as a freelance photographer until other (and countless) fantastic opportunities come through. Also, if you ever need a trivia partner, she’s your gal! She knows an impressive amount of random information.