ASHEVILLE, N.C. – The Bulldog Student-Athlete Alumni Challenge has been extended to April 15th.


Last month, the UNC Asheville Athletics Department challenged its student-athletes alumni base to make at least a $30 donation to the Bulldog Athletic Association. If 250 or more would make a donation in March, Director of Athletics Janet R. Cone would write a personal check of $2,500 to add to the total raised. The goal was to raise more than $10,000 for the BAA to help fund student-athlete scholarships.


Betsy Blose, Special Assistant to the AD for Advancement and Alumni Engagement, has been leading the challenge and has decided to extend it 15 more days until April 15.


"I have decided to extend the Challenge to April 15,” stated Blose. “I want to thank those Alumni who have given the month of March. It has been brought to my attention that some of you needed to file your taxes by the 15th in order to contribute to the Challenge. So, here you go. You now have till the 15th of April to make a donation. “


There are three ways to make a donation to help the Bulldogs of today and tomorrow stay strong. You may click here for the online giving page.  Select Athletics under Gift Designation and then write "Challenge" in the Designation Comments box.


You may also call Betsy at 828-251-6907 to make your gift over the phone, or you may print the BAA form on this page and return it to the following address:


Betsy Blose

UNC Asheville Athletics

CPO #2600

One University Heights

Asheville, NC 28804


Please make checks out to UNC Asheville Athletics.


 **UPDATE** April 9, 2014


Men's Soccer ....25 Donations

Men's Basketball ....18 Donations

Women's Soccer....10 Donations

Women's Basketball...9 Donations

Track/CC.....9 Donations

Tennis....5 Donations

Golf....5 Donations

Volleyball....5 Donations

Baseball....2 Donations


Challenge ends April 15...7 more days!!!!