Editors Note: With the 2012-13 school year behind us, UNC Asheville's student-athletes will be providing us write-ups to allow everyone to get to know them a little better. Today we meet  women's basketball player Paige Love.             


               Paige Love is a rising sophomore at UNC Asheville who is a member of the Women’s Basketball Team. The guard from North Wilkesboro, North Carolina plans to graduate in 2016 with a degree in Health and Wellness Promotion.


                Joining the Student Athlete Advisory Committee this year, Paige is excited about helping things get accomplished on campus for all UNC Asheville athletes. She chose UNC Asheville because of the small class sizes, the stellar basketball programs, its close proximity to her hometown, her anticipated major, and the beautiful Kimmel Arena.


                Outside of basketball and studies, she has volunteered for Eliada Homes in Asheville. After graduating from UNC Asheville, she plans on coaching basketball, nursing, personal training, or assisting physicians. Paige’s summer plans include working basketball camps, vacationing to the beach, and taking summer classes. One day, she would love to open her own workout facility; one that would contain a gym for basketball leagues, workout classes, and turf fields. She would love to train all types of athletes so that they can achieve their full potentials. A fun fact about Paige? Like most athletes, she loves food.