Editors Note: With the 2012-13 school year behind us, UNC Asheville's student-athletes will be providing us write-ups to allow everyone to get to know them a little better during the summer. Today we meet track and field standout Kassandra Pierre.


Kassandra Pierre is a rising sophomore. She loves math and is majoring in statistics and is aspiring to become an Actuary.  Kassie is a Resident Assistant for the fall 2013 semester as well as the spring. A fun fact about Kassie is that she is a dual citizen, a citizen here as well as a citizen of the island of St. Lucia where her family is from. She plans to run for St. Lucia in the near future upon returning to health from her knee injury. 


Kassie grew up on a track. She started running when she was 10, heavily influenced by her biggest supporters, her father. Kassie’s parents, sister and two younger brothers are runners.  This summer she returned home to New York City to work but plans on taking summer classes and remaining in Asheville for the following summers. Kassie chose UNC Asheville because she wanted to leave New York City and open up to a completely different area, which Asheville is in almost every sense. She also loves UNC Asheville's small class sizes and being far from home but not too far. She loves that it's in a sense secluded in its own world making it easier to focus on goals and priorities with little distractions.