Courtesy: UNC Asheville
105 Student-Athletes Make Big South Honor Roll
Release: 07/31/2013

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – More than 60 percent of UNC Asheville’s student-athletes have earned a spot on the Big South Presidential Honor for the 2012-13 academic year.


To make the honor roll, a student-athlete must maintain a 3.0 grade-point-average over the entire academic year. This year Asheville had 105 student-athletes have a 3.0 or above GPA for the year. Asheville placed 61.76 percent of its 170 student-athletes on the list, just behind Radford’s 61.84 percent of its 228 student-athletes.


Below is a list of the Asheville’s student-athletes who made the Big South Presidential Honor Roll and what sport they play.


UNC Asheville (105 student-athletes)


Lauren Baker (women’s track/cross country)

Mary Beale (women’s soccer)

John Bellard (men’s track/cross country)

Alex Biggerstaff (men’s basketball)

Jennifer Black (women’s track/cross country)

Grace Blaylock (women’s basketball)

Christine Boissevain (women’s tennis)

Jaron Bradley (men’s soccer)

Kasey Briggs (women’s track/cross country)

Hunter Bryant (baseball)

Jeannie Buckner (women’s basketball)

Emma Bussard (women’s track/cross country)

Rachel Carson (women’s track/cross country)

Bobby Castro (men’s soccer)

Ryan Catrine (men’s track/cross country)

Alex Chu (men’s soccer)

Amie Cloer (women’s tennis)

Ashlei Clodfelter (women’s track/cross country)

Colby Crawford (women’s track/cross country)

Billy Creighton (baseball)

Elliot Criss (baseball)

Melanie Cusi (women’s soccer)

Joey Cutting (men’s soccer)

Amanda Dailor (women’s soccer)

Erin Dalton (women’s track/cross country)

Katie Davis (volleyball)

Zak Davis (men’s soccer)

Adrian Etheridge (women’s track/cross country)

Catherine Fischer (volleyball)

Megan Foster (women’s soccer)

Anna Gelbach (women’s track/cross country)

Sarah Gentry (women’s track/cross country)

Mick Giordano (men’s soccer)

Will Goldberg (men’s tennis)

Ian Graham (baseball)

Zoe Hamel (women’s tennis)

Kurt Hibert (men’s track/cross country)

Keith Hornsby (men’s basketball)

Tommy Houmard (baseball)

A.J. Iiames (men’s soccer)

Dan Jackson (men’s soccer)

Allie Jacobius (women’s soccer)

Hannah Jeske (women’s soccer)

Evan Joura (baseball)

Joran Javadi (men’s track/cross country)

Todd Joyner (baseball)

Molly Karkavy (women’s track/cross country)

Alyska Kalmeijer (women’s track/cross country)

Elizabeth Keil (women’s soccer)

Chelsie Kenley (volleyball)

Daniel Kripak (men’s tennis)

Melanie Kulesz (women’s track/cross country)

Christine Lakatos (volleyball)

Brett Landau (men’s tennis)

Adrien Langeard (men’s tennis)

Alyssa Lashway (women’s track/cross country)

Kristen Lawson (women’s soccer)

Gillian Lewis (women’s tennis)

Kenneth Lingerfelt (men’s soccer)

Hans Lohmeyer (men’s soccer)

Paige Love (women’s basketball)

Rene Martinez (baseball)

Rob May (men’s soccer)

Corey McClintock (women’s track/cross country)

Rachel McGirt (women’s basketball)

Eli Miller (baseball)

Anna Moore (volleyball)

Heather Muller (women’s soccer)

Patrick Osborne (men’s track/cross country)

Kevin Paradise (men’s track/cross country)

Sebastian Paniaqua (men’s track/cross country)

Bryn Pfeiffer (volleyball)

Patrick Phillip (men’s soccer)

Clair Powell (women’s track/cross country)

Corey Randall (baseball)

Quentin Reynolds (men’s soccer)

Lisa Riggsbee (volleyball)

Marissa Riley (women’s basketball)

Ericka Rivero (women’s tennis)

Ferris Roberts (women’s soccer)

Scott Robinson (baseball)

Dean Roland (baseball)

Kelsie Rubino (women’s track/cross country)

David Ryland (men’s track/cross country)

Nick Schavone (baseball)

Brent Schouler (men’s track/cross country)

John Schubel (men’s tennis)

Cole Schwietering (men’s soccer)

Josh Seligson (men’s basketball)

Amryn Soldier (women’s tennis)

Andrew Sotak (men’s soccer)

Bethany Spano (women’s soccer)

Ethan Steible (baseball)

Alex Stewart (volleyball)

Alex Stradford (women’s soccer)

Dillon Tabar (baseball)

Tarrah Tate (women’s soccer)

Tacey Trammell (women’s basketball)

Paige Trent (women’s soccer)

Matt Waissen (men’s tennis)

Rachel Wells (volleyball)

Bria West (women’s soccer)

Skyler Winchester (men’s track/cross country)

Leah Wormack (women’s basketball)

Suzie Zigante (women’s soccer)

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