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Frank Castelblanco of Mission Health Systems teaches CPR to UNC Asheville's coaches and staff on Monday.
Courtesy: UNC Asheville
Coaches Earn CPR Certifications Thanks to Mission Health Systems
Release: 09/17/2012

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - UNC Asheville's coaches and staff members earned their CPR certifications today thanks to a class taught by Frank Castelblanco who is the RACE Coordinator and Director of Cardiac Emergencies for Mission Health System.


Today's class was an American Heart Association course that covered health care, AED and CPR.


"We're grateful to Frank Castelblanco and Mission Health System for teaching this important course to our coaches and staff this morning," commented Associate Director of Athletics for Internal Affairs Terri Brne. "We are so lucky to have an organization like Mission Health System in our community for our university to partner with."  

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