Editor’s Note: Junior goalkeeper Suzie Zigante has been selected to play for the Croatian National Team when they participate in the Balaton Cup Women's International Tournament in Hungary in early August. She is winding up her stay in Croatia and here is one of her blogs.



So I do not have training today in fact, I don’t have training Saturday or Sunday either, we couldn't get a ticket for an earlier date, so now I am in Croatia soccer-less which is a sad state of affairs. I want to play another game so bad!

I was actually going to be able to stay longer and play in the Women's Champions League with Osijek. They are the top Croatian women’s team here. The Women’s Champions League?! Wow! That’s what you dream to play in. The best international players in the world are on those teams. I was super excited to try and play but unfortunately NCAA rules do not allow it. So if I did play, I would then not be able to train and play for my school team at Asheville.

So we will hold up for Champions League right now, but possibly if I continue the path I am in, I will play fresh out of college.


The coaches here that I have been training with love me, I am making a name for myself quickly. Last practice the full Zagreb men's team coach was watching me train with the boys keepers. He was so impressed that a girl was keeping up with them and doing very well in his own words. He emailed my father and said he was very impressed a girls’ keeper could play like that.


Wow that is great! It's funny really, I don't actually have the highest confidence with my abilities so this is just boosting my confidence every day. I was always told I was "too short" and not muscular enough to be a keeper since a very young age. Which are things I tried desperately to work on with no avail. How is there any way I can get taller? While I lack those things, I can read the game very well and have very good technique. Things that often can be overlooked when you see the short size of me. My favorite keeper right now Navas for Costa Rica is not the tallest for a men’s keeper. But he is so outstanding. He didn't get signed to Real Madrid until people saw him in the World Cup, and everyone wanted him. That's the thing, sometimes you have to wait for your chance and it might take years but once you play one great game everyone knows your name, but before that you are unknown.


My grandma decided to carbo overload me today. (If you say no to her cooking she gets very upset) I had four small pieces of bread for breakfast with meat and cheese, and then spaghetti for lunch and dinner. So luckily I actually wanted to go for a run through the city to see a few things.


OK, if you are in a city in Europe do not go running. It is so weird. Go to a park or a track. I got death glares from a million gazillion people. It’s also weird to wear a t-shirt and shorts, they all dress up to go out. Even for groceries... I ran for 30 minutes and took a break and did abs under some tree near an abandoned train station I didn't know where I was, that’s why I went running to explore and move a bit. Then I ran for 25 minutes back. I took a shower, and then it was Suzie takes on foreign public transportation.


I went to the zoo in order to do so you have to take the tram way. I had to stand next to some princess looking girl with a little dog, that dog barked at every single person that came into the tram. Except me I guess I am special. It even nipped at an older lady. And then the girl blamed the older women, not her dog. That's pretty sad. Random fact, Dalmatians were bread in Croatia and I have seen a few.


Here are a few pics from the zoo. You know it was actually much better than I expected. The exhibits were pretty large and the animals all seemed happy .I could have invited someone but I went alone. And honestly I wanted to. Adventures alone are sometimes the best ones it clears your mind. You can do what you want to do no one can tell you otherwise. The white bird was the best friend I made, he pooped on me after this picture was taken no joke.


Also big shout out to THOMSON I don't know who you are or where you live but your free internet connection has saved me the past few days.


Tomorrow I am going on an adventure with my father’s friend from high school and I have no idea where we are going.


And Sunday I see my favorite cousin and her husband for the day! Good way to end the trip.


Then I head back to America and see all the friends I miss. I could not be here without them, they made be believe in my abilities in my keeper skills when I did not.