Blog From Michelle Demko
Release: 01/13/2012
Courtesy: UNC Asheville

Editor's Note: UNC Asheville Women's Soccer Coach Michelle Demko is in Chula Vista California for the next two weeking helping train the U-20 Women's National Team. She is sending blogs throughout her time in Southern California.

  "First one in the books!

 It was great to sit back and watch us have the opportunity to compete in a game environment.  As a staff, we try to replicate what the game offers but only a live game can help us learn and grow as players with regard to making split second decisions and assessing how to exploit the opponents.  We won the first game 3-0 and tied the second game 1-1.  Most players saw 60 minutes of action (we played two 30-minute halves).  To keep all players 90 minutes fit, they had an additional 30 minute fitness workout immediately following the game. 

Driving back to the hotel we chatted, as a staff, about various themes that came out of the scrimmage.  We bounced around ideas and came up with sessions for tomorrow, as we are back on the field in training mode.  The players have really embraced this opportunity to compete for a roster spot and represent their country in a Youth World Cup.  We are less than one week away from having a 20-player roster for games in Spain.  Selecting the players will be difficult, as there is little that separates one player from the next at this level.

It is now midnight, time to get some sleep to prepare for another full day tomorrow.  I will write more soon."


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