Editors Note: With the 2013-24 school year behind us, UNC Asheville's student-athletes will be providing us write-ups to allow everyone to get to know them a little better. Today we meet women's soccer player Heather Muller. 


           Heather Muller is a rising senior on the UNC Asheville Women’s Soccer Team. Nicknamed “Hedge,” the talented goalkeeper has been setting records since her freshman year and is looking forward to setting some new ones during her senior season. Anticipating graduating in May of 2015, Heather is pursuing a degree in biology and a minor in psychology. Hoping to be an occupational therapist after graduation, UNC Asheville has very high hopes for her in the “real world.”


            Heather chose to be in the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee because she wanted to get more involved with the athletic community. While in SAAC, she has found that she really enjoys sharing ideas with the other members of the student-athlete body at UNC Asheville. This past year, she volunteered in classrooms at Claxton Elementary, where she was placed in a kindergarten class and was able to read with students individually every week. Next year, she wants SAAC to continue to work with schools in Asheville because it is something fun for the kids as well as for the student-athletes. Her fondest SAAC memory is participating in and winning the lip-sync competition during UNC Asheville’s 2014 homecoming.


            In addition to SAAC, Heather is very busy being a part of UNC Asheville’s Honors Program. This just goes to show how dedicated, determined, and passionate she is to be successful. This summer, she will be coaching her neighborhood swim team during the week, and going to the lake on weekends.  She chose UNC Asheville because, “I knew I wanted to attend a small school and when I first visited Asheville I fell in love. Getting to play soccer was just the icing on the cake!”


            Heather Muller is looking forward to having another successful season as a Bulldog on the UNC Asheville Women’s Soccer team. “Hedge” can’t wait to see multiple members of the Asheville community at Greenwood Field to cheer her and her teammates on. The hedgehog owner wants you to help her make her senior season the best it can be!