Editors Note: With the 2013-14 school year behind us, UNC Asheville's student-athletes will be providing us write-ups to allow everyone to get to know them a little better. Today we meet women's soccer player, Kennedy Garrett.           


           Kennedy Garrett is a rising junior on the UNC Asheville women’s soccer team. Anticipating graduating in 2016, she is majoring in management with a concentration in marketing, while having a possible minor in new media. Post-graduation, Kennedy is planning on getting her Master’s Degree in marketing, with hopes of working with an athletic footwear, clothing and accessories’ company (Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, or Puma) designing and marketing future products.


            Kennedy joined UNC Asheville’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee because, “I enjoy getting my thoughts and ideas out on how our athletic program can grow and connect with the student body and community around us. It’s great because SAAC tolerates my crazy ideas because I help out whenever an art project is in need.” Next year, she would like SAAC to grow significantly in its number of members. She believes that if there was a bigger number of members, twice as much would be accomplished. Her greatest SAAC memory was “harmonizing” perfectly with other SAAC members during their winning lip-sync performance during UNC Asheville’s Homecoming.


            This summer, Kennedy will mainly be focusing on preparing herself for next season. This will include lifting weights, running rigorously, and helping with coaching a couple soccer camps in Asheville and Greenville, NC. Last fall, she helped young students at Asheville Middle School work on certain art projects. This past spring, Kennedy volunteered at Claxton Elementary once a week to help first graders with their reading, spelling and grammar skills. She plans on continuing to volunteer at Claxton next fall with art and mathematics classes. In addition to volunteering, Kennedy helps develop designs and ideas with the Men’s and Women’s soccer programs for promotional purposes.


            Kennedy decided to come to UNC Asheville after going against her original plan to attend a west-coast school on the beach. Due to the beautiful mountain landscapes and the inspiring city of Asheville, she decided to become a Bulldog. She loves UNC Asheville because of its small size that allows her to connect with her professors on a level that wouldn’t be possible at a larger school. Being one of nine siblings, Kennedy loves being able to perform under pressure in UNC Asheville’s family-oriented environment.


            As you can see, Kennedy Garrett is an all-star on and off the soccer field. Be sure to watch her play on Greenwood Field this upcoming fall with her fellow Lady-Bulldogs. You’ll definitely get a “kick” out of her serious skills!