Editor’s Note: Junior goalkeeper Suzie Zigante has been selected to play for the Croatian National Team when they participate in the Balaton Cup Women's International Tournament in Hungary in early August. She will send a blog periodically to tell of her experience playing for her national team.


Today we left the hotel in Zagreb pretty early after we ate breakfast. The bus ride was about three hours long but to be honest I do not remember most of it because I was asleep and listening to music

But when we got close to the Lake Balaton, there was so much going on! There were all sorts of people biking. Bikes were everywhere. The lake front was filled with so many different people from all sorts of different backgrounds. There was a circus with elephants, and sailboats on the lake for all to see. It looks like a huge tourist attraction. However, we then drove on to the hotel.


At this point we were all very hungry, we ate at 7 a.m. and it was getting close to 1:30. But we finally ate so we were no longer hungry in Hungary.


We then had mandatory rest in our rooms and I got a new roommate the other goalkeeper. She plays at a club in Sweden and plays with Kristen Press! She has met so many USA national team players like Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe and Hope Solo and even more.  Apparently they all come to play in Sweden so I got to hear some really interesting stories about people I watch on TV.

We had our first training session and it was mostly stretching and getting ready for tomorrow. We played a small five-minute scrimmage, but I didn't do much. I also had to dive in a rocky muddy crevice in front of the goal so that wasn't my favorite.


Tomorrow we play Slovakia, most of the team we have are younger girls who have never played for the national team so we will see how it goes. I am number 12. The first number I ever wore when I came to the youth national team and played one of the best games in my younger years ( I was 15).



Please look at the really cool bus we got to travel in today: It says Croatia Soccer Representation with our emblem on it.