Editor’s Note: Junior goalkeeper Suzie Zigante was selected to play for the Croatian National Team when they participated in the Balaton Cup Women's International Tournament in Hungary last week. She is winding up her stay in Croatia and here is one of her final blogs.




So yes.

I have no more soccer. I don't know what to do with my life. But apparently my father does. My father called up a billion of his European friends to take me to do something. I feel bad, I cancelled on three families, and today I went out with a family I cancelled on hree times before. How bad of a person am I? Well noting how I am actually busy and somewhat have a life sometimes I shouldn't feel too bad.


So today this family took me on a grand tour of parts of Croatia near Zagreb. They were so nice. One was my dad’s good friend from his time living in Zagreb. They were friends since childhood, his wife Suzana (We have the same name!) and his half-brother who is my age.


They were great people! They took me to a museum and a mountain, and then took me to eat good food. Gosh so much food here in Croatia, don't blame me if I come back a little chunky just before preseason. (Just kidding but no really).  When they eat here they eat. I think that they don’t really snack and go without eating and then when they eat they eat a lot. Or its just because people are taking me out. I don't know but these past few days have been like vacation since training ended.


I miss training.


So the mountain. Well that's an adventure on its own. We didn't really climb the mountain we drove up it. It’s the largest mountain in Zagreb or near Zagreb I guess? I honestly felt so sick we were going up a narrow winding road to get to the top and I like just met them, this was the first leg of our day journey. I didn't want to freak them out. So I barely spoke. And I thought I couldn't be anymore awkward.


But we got to the top and took pictures and started talking a little bit, and it got better from there. Near the end of the day we all started to make jokes and all mostly understood each other so it was a success I would say.


We went to a Neanderthal Museum. So we learned about our ancestors and watched some weird movie describing the life of our ancestors. Is it bad that I like laugh when the character gets attacked by a bear and loses their arm? Maybe I am heartless. Maybe I just can't take too much seriously hahaa!


So I got to skype Abby today! Yay Abby! In doing so I got to see the whole team and I am pretty excited to see everyone again. I think it’s time to go back, I needed this trip for myself. But I know that I love to play soccer again and I am actually not too bad at it. So I am ready to play again in the states :)


Tomorrow I see my favorite cousin and her husband. Ivana takes care of me so well while I am in Croatia, I am so happy and lucky she is my cousin. After I stay with them for a bit I am going to a soccer game at night. Locomotiva vs Haijduk.


And the next day I come back to USA its crazy it’s all over. For Now.