Blog from Natalie Pearson - Day 2

June 09, 2011
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Courtesy: UNC Asheville
Editor's Note: Senior sprinter Natalie Pearson has qualfied for the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships for the second straight year. She will run on Thursday in the 200 meters. Natalie will be filing a blog each day about her experience. Her second day was Wednesday.   

Today was another early day for us as the track was only open for practice from 8.30 a.m to 10.30 a.m., so I got up around 7.30 a.m. ready for practice. Practice went well. I could still feel the plane ride a little in my legs, but I had some sprints and as soon as I got my spikes on it was all good again! It was also the first time I got to test the track properly and I am so excited to race on it now! It's made from mondo, which you normally find inside. But it's a really fast surface and I could feel that today so fingers crossed I can fly tomorrow! Unfortunately the weather may turn by then. Today was another scorcher - 95 degrees hot, hot, HOT!! But tomorrow the forecast drops to 70 and a thunderstorm in the afternoon - right around my race time. Luckily, that kind of weather seems to have followed us around this season so hopefully I can use it to my advantage as I am well practiced in it!

After practice we came back and got some lunch then cooled off in the air conditioning of the hotel till mid-afternoon. I had to go back to the track to lift some weights (some very light weights! Woo!).  We left around 3 p.m. to go do that and then head to the track to watch some events. Weights were quick and easy, and then the track meet started! And geez, have there been some fast times so far! Probably two of the most significant things that happened today were one of the favorites in the women's 100 meters - Hackett from LSU - got knocked out because she thought the finish line was 10 meters before it was (cringe) and the favorite in the men's 100m - Jeff Demps from Florida State - also got knocked out. Although it's devastating for them, it just shows that at this level of competition anything can happen. It's not what you can run, but when you can run it. So I'm going to use this knowledge tomorrow in staying confident.

After we watched some events, we met up with the Western Carolina 4x400m team and coaches to get dinner. It was my birthday yesterday but we couldn't really celebrate because we were traveling, but the guys from Western found out and sang me happy birthday a day late which was wonderful - I wish I had got it on video!

It's race day tomorrow and I run at 5.30 PM! And keep your fingers crossed thunderstorms don't happen when I'm on the starting line!


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