Editors Note: With the 2013-14 school year behind us, UNC Asheville's student-athletes will be providing us write-ups to allow everyone to get to know them a little better. Today we meet men's track and field performer, Keenan Devaney



            Keenan Devaney is a rising sophomore javelin thrower on the UNC Asheville men’s track and field team. The Connecticut-native is anticipating graduating in 2017, with a double-major in Spanish and Business Administration. Hoping to become an ambassador for companies in Spanish-speaking countries, Keenan can’t wait to make a difference in the business world.


           When Keenan isn’t training for javelin, he has found a way to become very involved on campus through the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. In addition to SAAC, he stays involved on campus by working for Campus Recreation and by participating in numerous intramural sports. He joined SAAC because he wanted to know what was being done for UNC Asheville student-athletes. He figured SAAC was the easiest way to make a difference, while getting the most out of college. Next year, he wants to significantly increase SAAC membership, building on what was established in the 2013-2014 school year. He took a lot of pride in the winning of the Homecoming Lip-sync competition, as he as a vital part of the student-athlete team that worked together to win.


           In the past, Keenan has worked with mentally and physically disabled children, helping them participate in sports like soccer, bowling, and tennis. By giving back to his community in Connecticut and Asheville, he signifies the true meaning of being a UNC Asheville Bulldog. He chose to come to Asheville because, “it fit everything I wanted in a college-- a small school in North Carolina that had my major and competitive sports teams. I couldn’t pass up the amazing opportunity to come here and compete.” He is looking forward to volunteering even more in the community throughout the duration of his time at UNC Asheville.


            This summer Keenan will be working for a catering company and visiting family on Cape Cod. He’ll also be training and rehabilitating so that he can prove his talent in the javelin throw this upcoming winter and spring. This season, he’s planning on building a major legacy for the Track and Field team at UNC Asheville that will help set the school up for success in the future. Stay tuned this upcoming winter and spring to see Keenan “throw” some major statistics onto the Big South Track and Field score sheets!