Editors Note: Rachel Wells is trying out for the US Olympic team in women's volleyball this weekend. Teammate Meredith Foster Ristic talked to her last night about the first day of tryouts. 


Rachel Wells completed her first day of Olympic Volleyball Try-outs at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Friday


“I feel like I played well today, but I also feel like I have a lot more to show tomorrow and Sunday,” Wells said.


In their first day the athletes had their verticals tested followed by a court session in the evening. There is a short learning curve for new drills and concepts.


“All of the drills we’ve done so far have been really technical and they expect you to know exactly what they’re talking about,” she said. “We start at a white board and when they’ve explained it they send us to the courts and that’s it, we play.”


Despite knowing the magnitude of the try-outs, Wells said she feels prepared to play her best.


“I really wasn’t nervous going into it,” she commented.“For me, in my position, I know that it matter that I play well,but it matters more that I interact well with the other players.”


So far, she has enjoyed interacting with the other players most of all.


“It’s so awesome to do everything at such a high level. The drills are so loud and everyone is so good that it’s really easy to get into,” Wells said.


Her personal goals include staying positive throughout the tryout.


“I’m really focused on communicating a lot with everyone and making sure that I don’t internalize my mistakes,” Wells commented. “I know that everyone else is making mistakes too and by staying positive it helps me to encourage and stay connected with the other players.”