Editors Note: Freshman volleyball player Catherine Fischer will be blogging throughout the season about her team. Today is her first blog.


I am Catherine Fischer, freshman right side hitter for the Bulldogs. Although my injury in preseason has led me into the training room instead of the Justice Center floor I am still - and more importantly- a part of the 2012 UNC Asheville Volleyball Team.


We have been told we are a young team, and that we have the potential to be an unstoppable team. But I believe our time is now, together.


Together.  The word together has been drilled into our very core more than "stay low on defense." We begin an entirely new season tonight, whatever was in the past stays there, the future's too distant to be worried about, and the now, the now is where our potential for greatness is put to work. The beauty of volleyball, as our coaches like to put it, is that you can improve exponentially; therefore we can always strive for a new edge, something more. Never is our time "later", we don't pride ourselves in procrastination, we need to live in the present, the now, each match, each point, each move, to better the ball and the team. And not only does this philosophy apply in volleyball or other sports it applies in life, to be present and accounted for in everything one values or is passionate about.


We open up our first Big South Conference match vs. Gardner Webb in Boiling Springs tonight. In practice, we have established our teamwork and passion clearly. When we execute it this weekend you will know that not one player can beat any team alone. All 14 of us have to be perfectly in tune to outshine all other opponents, one woman's willingness to put all she has on the court isn't enough. Even our bench players must rise to the occasion and take their roles as leaders. The team that wins is the team with the ability to pick up teammates when they are down, step up and be leaders, and has more passion than any other team in the history of the sport, or so they should think.


To win we must work together. We WILL work together. Our fans that come out to our games will see win or lose that we are the stronger and more passionate team. My Bulldog pride is bursting with the excitement for conference to start. And although I'm only the freshman from Miami that sits because of an injury in preseason, I know I am part of a team that will be a force to be reckoned with.


TOGETHER we stand, TOGETHER we fall, TOGETHER we win, and winners take ALL.