Editor's Note: Throughout the year, sophomore men's basketball player Keith Hornsby will be providing a blog about the Bulldog basketball team. Keith did one of these when he was in high school at Oak Hill Academy. We hope all Bulldog fans will injoin his insight into this year's team.  



The Start of a New Journey

By Keith Hornsby


            The year has officially kicked off, and everything from the basketball workouts to classes is settling in to a nice routine. The team has high expectations this year. Coming off two straight championship years, everybody else has high expectations for us as well. We lost six seniors last year, four of whom started, so their presence on the court will be missed, but we have a ton of talent on this year's roster that can't wait to capture some W's.


           We have been working incredibly hard in the weight room and on the court during workouts as well. As far as I can see, everybody on the team has a good work ethic that contributes to the overall unity of the squad, and that certainly brings a smile to my face. Another great aspect is everybody's attitudes and personalities. We all seem to get along 100 percent of the time, and our friendships off the court will help us play better together on the court. The freshmen, who have just joined the team, are very strong and should definitely help us this year as well.


            We have a very tough schedule, and we know it. The upcoming dates are planted in our heads, so we know how hard we have to work to experience the utmost success. The first month can be the hardest for many new and returning athletes.  Mentally and physically, we must work very hard in the classroom and on the court to get the most out of our pre-season days. It is so important to get into a normal routine, which almost always happens once you get used to your schedule.


           I'm very excited about the season. I worked as hard as I could on the court over the summer to prepare for this year and aim to contribute as much positivity to the team as I can. Now that I'm a sophomore and have a year of experience under my belt, I'm feeling as comfortable and confident as ever heading toward the season. So far, everything has gone pretty smoothly, and I hope everybody stays focused so we can be at the top of our game at all times. I'm looking forward to keeping everyone updated this year, but now I have to rest because we have 6:30 a.m. conditioning tomorrow morning. Ugggh.