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2012-13 UNC Asheville Statistics UNC Asheville Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 05, 2013) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WESTERN CAROLINA 11/09/12 71-61 W 24-ATKINSON, Jer 11-ATKINSON, Jer 3-WEEKS, Will 3-HORNSBY, Keit 3-CUNNINGHAM, D HORNSBY, Keit ATKINSON, Jer NEELY, Marcus at UNCW 11/11/12 59-67 L 17-ATKINSON, Jer 10-NWANNUNU, Jon 4-WEEKS, Will 3-WEEKS, Will 6-CUNNINGHAM, D ATKINSON, Jer MEYER, Trent vs Tennessee 11/15/12 68-75 L 18-ATKINSON, Jer 9-ATKINSON, Jer 6-MEYER, Trent 4-MEYER, Trent 1-CUNNINGHAM, D MEYER, Trent vs Akron 11/16/12 63-82 L 22-HORNSBY, Keit 5-NWANNUNU, Jon 5-MEYER, Trent 1-WEEKS, Will None CUNNINGHAM, D ATKINSON, Jer vs Providence 11/18/12 67-72 L 20-MEYER, Trent 13-ATKINSON, Jer 4-ATKINSON, Jer 4-ATKINSON, Jer 1-HUGHES, Sam at NC STATE 11/23/12 80-82 L 28-ATKINSON, Jer 6-ATKINSON, Jer 7-MEYER, Trent 5-ATKINSON, Jer 1-WEEKS, Will MEYER, Trent HORNSBY, Keit CUNNINGHAM, D NWANNUNU, Jon USC UPSTATE 11/29/12 71-73 L 23-MEYER, Trent 11-CUNNINGHAM, D 9-HORNSBY, Keit 2-MEYER, Trent 3-CUNNINGHAM, D MONTREAT COLLEGE 12-08-12 85-51 W 22-ATKINSON, Jer 8-MEYER, Trent 6-ATKINSON, Jer 2-MEYER, Trent 2-MEYER, Trent ROBERTS, Jale LENOIR-RHYNE 12-12-12 66-55 W 21-HORNSBY, Keit 8-ATKINSON, Jer 6-MEYER, Trent 3-MEYER, Trent 5-CUNNINGHAM, D at Ohio State 12/15/12 72-90 L 26-HORNSBY, Keit 6-WEEKS, Will 3-WEEKS, Will 1-NWANNUNU, Jon 2-CUNNINGHAM, D ATKINSON, Jer WEEKS, Will MEYER, Trent at Northeastern 12/18/12 79-73 W 21-ATKINSON, Jer 9-ATKINSON, Jer 4-ATKINSON, Jer 1-CUNNINGHAM, D 5-CUNNINGHAM, D MEYER, Trent NWANNUNU, Jon HORNSBY, Keit NEELY, Marcus ATKINSON, Jer MEYER, Trent at St. John's 12/21/12 72-65 W 31-ATKINSON, Jer 9-ATKINSON, Jer 5-HORNSBY, Keit 2-WEEKS, Will 3-CUNNINGHAM, D WEEKS, Will ATKINSON, Jer BLUEFIELD COLLEGE 12-30-12 95-66 W 22-HORNSBY, Keit 11-NWANNUNU, Jon 7-HORNSBY, Keit 3-HORNSBY, Keit 3-CUNNINGHAM, D NWANNUNU, Jon at Charlotte 01/02/13 63-71 OL 16-ATKINSON, Jer 13-ATKINSON, Jer 4-ATKINSON, Jer 3-HORNSBY, Keit 2-CUNNINGHAM, D HORNSBY, Keit MEYER, Trent at Liberty 01-05-13 83-69 W 27-HORNSBY, Keit 9-ATKINSON, Jer 6-ATKINSON, Jer 2-NWANNUNU, Jon 4-CUNNINGHAM, D MEYER, Trent HORNSBY, Keit WEEKS, Will at Gardner-Webb 1/9/13 71-78 L 27-WEEKS, Will 8-WEEKS, Will 6-HORNSBY, Keit 2-HORNSBY, Keit 4-CUNNINGHAM, D RADFORD 01-12-13 79-61 W 19-NWANNUNU, Jon 12-CUNNINGHAM, D 5-HORNSBY, Keit 3-WEEKS, Will 7-CUNNINGHAM, D MEYER, Trent at Charleston Southern 01/16/13 68-74 L 22-MEYER, Trent 9-HORNSBY, Keit 2-ATKINSON, Jer 2-MEYER, Trent 2-CUNNINGHAM, D WEEKS, Will LONGWOOD 01-19-13 68-65 W 17-ATKINSON, Jer 11-ATKINSON, Jer 5-MEYER, Trent 2-ATKINSON, Jer 3-CUNNINGHAM, D MEYER, Trent COASTAL 01-23-13 63-60 W 16-ATKINSON, Jer 11-CUNNINGHAM, D 4-ATKINSON, Jer 3-WEEKS, Will 2-CUNNINGHAM, D HORNSBY, Keit HIGH POINT 01-26-13 69-58 W 21-WEEKS, Will 8-WEEKS, Will 4-MEYER, Trent 2-MEYER, Trent 3-CUNNINGHAM, D ATKINSON, Jer at Presbyterian College 01/30/13 77-74 W 22-ATKINSON, Jer 10-CUNNINGHAM, D 4-MEYER, Trent 3-MEYER, Trent 3-CUNNINGHAM, D at Campbell 02/02/13 78-61 W 22-ATKINSON, Jer 6-CUNNINGHAM, D 8-HORNSBY, Keit 4-MEYER, Trent 2-CUNNINGHAM, D WINTHROP 02-06-13 69-56 W 21-HORNSBY, Keit 11-CUNNINGHAM, D 4-HORNSBY, Keit 4-WEEKS, Will 5-CUNNINGHAM, D at VMI 02/08/13 90-79 W 24-ATKINSON, Jer 10-ATKINSON, Jer 4-WEEKS, Will 4-ATKINSON, Jer 1-CUNNINGHAM, D
2012-13 UNC Asheville Statistics UNC Asheville Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 05, 2013) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HORNSBY, Keit HORNSBY, Keit GARDNER-WEBB 02-13-13 65-67 L 22-HORNSBY, Keit 6-HORNSBY, Keit 5-MEYER, Trent 3-MEYER, Trent 4-CUNNINGHAM, D CHARLESTON SOUTHERN 02-16-13 65-73 L 27-MEYER, Trent 10-CUNNINGHAM, D 5-MEYER, Trent 4-MEYER, Trent 4-CUNNINGHAM, D at Coastal Carolina 02/19/13 64-65 L 18-ATKINSON, Jer 6-WEEKS, Will 3-NWANNUNU, Jon 2-MEYER, Trent 2-NEELY, Marcus MEYER, Trent ATKINSON, Jer JACKSONVILLE STATE 02-23-13 69-71 L 29-ATKINSON, Jer 11-CUNNINGHAM, D 7-MEYER, Trent 3-MEYER, Trent 2-CUNNINGHAM, D PRESBYTERIAN COLLEGE 02-27-13 74-62 W 16-HORNSBY, Keit 8-ATKINSON, Jer 7-MEYER, Trent 3-HUGHES, Sam 8-CUNNINGHAM, D at Winthrop 03/02/13 61-70 L 17-ATKINSON, Jer 12-WEEKS, Will 3-ATKINSON, Jer 4-ATKINSON, Jer 4-CUNNINGHAM, D vs Longwood 03/05/13 72-87 L 19-ATKINSON, Jer 11-ATKINSON, Jer 5-HORNSBY, Keit 4-HORNSBY, Keit 3-NWANNUNU, Jon MEYER, Trent